Petah Marian | About Me
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About Me


Writer, Speaker & Futurist

I specialise in understanding the future – knowing how and where people will change, then helping brands to innovate around these shifts. I currently work as a senior editor on WGSN Insight, the largest trend forecasting agency in the world. Clients include major supermarket chains and the world’s largest brands. My focus is on how businesses can harness changing consumer behaviours to create sustainable business strategies (across everything from product to AI and technology) that are good for society, the environment and a business’ bottom line.


About Me

Just another Australian in London

I came to London with the intention of staying a year, and 14 years later, I’m still here. My background is in fashion and retail trade journalism, and I have degrees in creative writing and psychology from the University of Melbourne. In my spare time I like going to yoga classes and volunteering with the Ministry of Stories in Hackney, East London.