Mobile Shopping

BrandRepublic – How 5 retailers are encouraging mobile sales

Smartphone use is on the rise, but there still remains a gap when it comes to buyers committing to a purchase on their mobile devices.

Most customers prefer to use them for product discovery and customer support  but as the next generation of consumer prefers texting and chat as methods of communication, it is critical that retailers make customer support and communication easier for these shoppers by going to where they are, be it on on social messaging apps or text.
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Up to now, the staple of mobile marketing has been SMS messaging, a channel traditionally used for below-the-line marketing purposes. But mobile is about to become the next battleground for above-the-line campaigns as consumers spend increasing amounts of time on their smartphones and apps create opportunities for creative campaigns.

Rather than looking at traditional SMS messaging, brands and retailers are jumping into mobile messaging using apps like Snapchat and WhatsApp as platforms to create a more immersive and narrative-driven marketing experience.

“Consumers are spending a lot of time on these free mobile messaging apps, but the marketing opportunities are just starting to open up,” says Julian Smith, global head of strategy at mobile marketing agency Fetch. “So it’s quite a challenge, as WhatsApp has always said it doesn’t want to accept advertising, but others are more content rich and offer better brand opportunities.” Read more at